Our Project helping small business owners and photographers GROW around the world with FREE mentoring + crazy affordable resources.

Okay, so you’re on this page going, “Um okay it’s free? Or…. Do I want to take something free?”

Welcome to the freaking MENTORING PROJECT! I will be reaching as many souls a possible to mentor, mentor, mentor! Everyone is welcome, but please read below to make sure we’re a good fit.

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The MENTOR PROJECT is set to help:

-Photographers who are just starting their business and are 100% set to DO and NOT just dream (This is extremely important, as I’ve found many people say they want help but do nothing with it)
-Grateful photographers excited to learn!**
-Experienced photographers who want to GROW
-Photographers who want to quit their full-time jobs
-Unlimited FREE small group sessions per month!

What to Bring:

-Your spongey mind
-A list of questions to ask me or topics to submit upon signing up for a small group meeting

Again, these sessions are FREE. They’re freaking free dude. Donations are very appreciated to cover costs, but not required.

Small group mentor sessions are helpful and recommended for photographers who are just starting out in the field or getting ready to launch their business. With my 1-hour mentor sessions, the topic possibilities are endless. Ask me anything you’d like about my editing, marketing, website setup, etc. These are for small groups of no more than 7 participants so we can still answer questions 1:1.

These sessions are great for both amateurs and professionals who want to take the next step in their business. Anyone who is curious about my business methods is encouraged to take this to learn more about the photography business.

As a specialist in business itself and a CEO at just age 22, this session will allow you to fully explore your questions. No more waiting on courses to give you information or buying a course not knowing what information you will receive.

You ask, you receive.

To schedule a session, please fill out the form below.

No-Shows are not tolerated. Please fill out the form with your best answers so I know you’re PUMPED to do this!!! Note that due to the large number of schedulings, not all sessions will be available. However, the most popular sessions will replay at least once per month.


We have partnered up with Creative Agency, Pheonix & Company (yes, this is spelled right), to offer you super affordable resources for growing your business. These products and prices were designed by Pheonix so that will not find any resources this affordable and this quality anywhere else. These packages were made just for our project!


-Website creation + branding kits

-1:1 sessions to help with your company specifically

Want to see a specific resource offered? List it below anonymously!

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The Mentor Project asks for help to cover costs including but not limited to, website costs, and session technology costs, as well as the hours we put into making this project amazing for you! To help cover costs, feel free to leave a donation below. We appreciate you!


Meet the Team

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nicole bruce - founder + business nerd

Alright, I don’t think anyone likes talking about themselves, but here it is. You need some sort of validation for mentoring right?

First off, check out my ABOUT ME on my home page. I’m a total dweeb, so I guarantee you’ll feel comfortable while we chat.

-Founder of The Mentor Project + educator for all mentor sessions

-Moved 2x in 1 year across country + went full time in 3 months once settled and started a business

-6-figure entrepreneurial pay (and growing into a future 7-figure)

-Own 2 companies
-Wanderlust - Feel free to explore this site. This is my travel adventure elopement brand.
-White Fox (not at all related to Wanderlust)

-Published on online blogs + print magazines - This is always growing, but my home page has a few mentions.

-Extremely knowledgeable in marketing, all things business, branding, taxes, etc. - Luckily my parents were both business owners and my mom an amazing CPA!


tabitha paganelli - educator + marketing / design guru

Tabitha Paganelli is an adventurous entrepreneur, on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow successful and sustainable businesses. She developed her love for business her junior year of high school, and has been running her business ever since. At just 22 years old, Tabitha is the CEO of a creative agency where she employs and trains graphic designers, expert writers, and social media managers. Her company is on its way to being a million dollar company, and that comes from her being determined to never give up until she reaches every single goal she sets. She travels with her husband and two dogs full time in their camper van, living a 24/7 adventure while she runs her company from whenever they are traveling to.


-Educator + available for 1:1 mentoring

- Expert in Pinterest Marketing for online businesses

- Educator in Passive Income strategies

- Digital marketing tech mogul

- Organic marketing passionista

- Web design builder

- Company and team management

Anne Paich Pic-2[2].jpg

Anne paich - educator + Photographer

I am a full time newborn, maternity and baby’s first year photographer. I am a mom of four boys and two fur babies. I started my business Fairies & Frogs Photography twenty years ago! Way back in the olden days before everyone had computers and cell phones ! I have successfully stayed a full time photographer through the ups and downs in the market and I LOVE what I do!

My specialties:

- Studio Lighting / OCF

- All-inclusive (non-IPS) 6-figure studio photographer

- Working with newborns (soothing and posing and all things baby)

- Composite work (newborns, babies and maternity sessions). I also recently started “Imagination Sessions” to do composite work with older children as well.


Erica robinson - photographer + editing guru

Hi there! My name is Erica, and I have been a photographer of families, seniors, specialized composite sessions, and weddings for 7 years now. I have a studio and work with many different types of clientele and thrive in my client referral programs.

-Client referral programs

-Editing guru, including compositions + Photoshop magic

-Pricing for profit / CODB

-Alternative / unique marketing techniques

-IPS business model

-Organic Facebook marketing / edge rank

*The Mentor Project and/or educators are not certified tax professionals nor are liable for failure of businesses. The Mentor Project was created to help guide business professionals in growing their business, brainstorming new ideas, and teaching what we know to help others succeed. There is no get rich quick or guarantee of making X amount from our consultations.

**Due to the nature of our complimentary consultations, The Mentor Project has the right to release any unruly client immediately.

Be a Teacher!

Want to be a teacher for one of our 1:1 sessions? Fill out the form below!

Teaching grants:

-Recognition by our students / help growing your community

-The ability to give your students some different content!

-A live Skype session with me for about 40 minutes asking guided questions and learning from you

-The ability to promote your services

In applying, please review our courses that we already have by clicking here. Please also note that our community is filled with many affordable tools to our students, so high-priced items will not sell well. Note that these sessions are not compensated, as they are free for our students.

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