Website-Making Workshop! 12/1, 12-2 pm CST

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Website-Making Workshop! 12/1, 12-2 pm CST

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This website-making workshop will be a 2-hour LIVE website making event on 12/1 from 12-2 pm CST. I will be making a website with you, step by step. There is a small cover-fee to only ensure that the signups we get are serious inquiries, as I don’t want the spots to fill up, be taken, and then have no-shows. There are only select spots available.

This is perfect for anyone who has trouble making a website themselves or needs to make a website but just hasn’t gotten around to it!

The website we are using is Squarespace, which is $16/mo, on a month-month contract, and is incredible for SEO (= clients)! Please purchase your website before the session so we can start immediately on editing.

During this session, we will run from A-Z on making a website including:

-Introduction: Why you need a website and why Squarespace is the way to go

-The technical A-Zs on how to format the entire website, from your back-end to your front-end

-How to set up your home page to show off your work, introduce yourself, and get them to say, “I NEED you!”

-How to set up your blog + why it’s important

-Blog demonstration! We will write a proper blog together LIVE so you know how to do it step by step. This is extremely important for SEO.

-How to set up your info page: Pricing or no pricing?

-Where to put your photos on your site

-How to set up your contact form

-How to word your website so people feel like they KNOW you + automatically book you! (especially that About Me!)