Love. Emotion. Laughter. Tears.

The love I have seen that radiates between loved ones is just indescribable. I'm not here to capture stiff poses. I'm here to capture timeless memories.

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Our Timeless, Free-Flowing, Photography Experience

Hello! My name is Nicole, and I am the owner and photographer for Wanderlust Photography. When I'm not stuffing my face with carbs, I enjoy capturing the love, tears, and laughter between you and your loved ones.

From family portraits, to couples, children, dogs, and boudoir, I do it all! 

My goal is to create a personable experience, not just a photo session. Of course we need to get to know each other before our session so we aren't just standing there awkwardly and meeting for the first time, so I highly recommend a consultation or phone call before our session.

Through my photo experience, you may start as clients, but we'll more than likely end up friends. With my awkward, down-to-earth, yet professional character, you are guaranteed a unique and very fun photo experience.

Don't know where to put your hands? That's okay! Nobody knows how to pose in front of a camera, and guess what? I don't want to cheesily pose you. I want to capture the actual emotion between you and those whom you love.

I look forward to meeting you and creating unforgettable memories saved through photographs!

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