Hello hello!

My name is Nicole Bruce, and I am the artist here! As you can probably tell from the pictures of me not taking life seriously, I have the deepest passion for exploring new landscapes with people in love.

I have been a photographer of this company for about two years now. I also own another company that photographs love across the entire state of Tennessee. Even though I'm in Nashville, I'm pretty much never in Nashville, haha! I travel ALL the time (so much that travel is included in my packages). In addition, I manage two wedding venues and have an education platform for small business owners.

Soooo you can say I keep myself busy with the things I adore.

My passion in life really is making my own path. I didn't want to be like anyone else when I formed this company, and though I'm sure you've seen hundreds of photographers and might even think many look the same, hopefully my website and work is something that sticks out in your mind and that you don't want to forget.

So if you want to make your own path and have unique art of your special day, then I'm ready to write your fairytale. 

I believe that life is too short to not do what you love, laugh your butt off at dad jokes, and be next to the one you love as much as possible. Hopefully you feel the same because that's my secret sauce for creating amazing images with my incredible couples.

I live for hiking through various places on this beautiful Earth. Some of my favorites places being the Grand Canyon and Tennessee and all of its many waterfalls. I also love beautiful architecture and historical places. Once I visited Charleston, my husband was lucky to have me come back home.

I hope as you read this you're standing up screaming "Yes! Yes! Me too!" because if you are, we're going to make a lot of great memories while I'm third wheeling with you.

Fun facts

  • I don’t wear makeup and haven’t for about two years. These images were both from two years ago. I generally just wear it for Christmas!

  • We do this full-time! (Shout-out to our adventure brides)

  • Mac and cheese or sushi is our jam (but both wouldn’t hurt our feelings either)

  • Justin was in the Marines for 5 years (in case you couldn’t tell, haha!)

  • Justin is a HUGE dog-lover

  • We generally are on the road - Last Fall we hit 6 states in 3 months all for weddings!

Nicole and Justin-Nicole and Justin-0066.jpg

Don’t worry we usually don’t look this fancy when we’re adventuring


we look more like this

Showing off my no-makeup skills and lack of hair dye