Hiya! I'm Nicole. That guy, he’s Justin AKA my crazy talented hubby-bubby + second shooter.

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You know when you go on a website and there's pictures that are like perfect and beautiful and just posed to a T?

Well, that's not my work.

Yup this is long, but I guarantee you'll want to keep reading.


Wind-blown hair, screaming laughter over a dad joke, playing off each other's words like we've known each other for years.

Add all of that plus my awkward turtle but crazy passionate self, and there's your wedding photos. (One time I was asked by my bride if I would lay on the ground to get a good shot...I later fell on my butt, in a lake, during that client's session)

Now, throw in a mountain, and we have the most epic wedding ever.


Weddings are freaking expensive. I get it. I got married to my wonderful husband as well, and we decided to elope? Why? No guests, just the love between the two of us. We could look at each other, make dirty jokes, and focus on what mattered to us: our love + photos of our love to show off.

Pictures last forever. In 100 years, your family will still be able to see the smiles and laughs you shared that so fondly created the wonderful relationship you share with each other, and with your children. But it's not just about photos. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want a photograph who just says, "Okay, yup. Smile. Good." the entire session. Even if the photos are pretty good.

Our sessions will be filled with memories of hiking through a river at freaking 30 degrees just to get an epic shot at a waterfall, hiking up a steep cliff as I struggle to keep my balance, and losing my balance in a lake where I went sploosh.


It's okay to laugh at me. It's okay to laugh at you. We'll make dad jokes, dirty jokes, or jokes about what the banana said to the orange. You're not just going to get photos. You're going to get a friend + a hell of a lot of memories.

If you're looking for a photographer who is here to capture emotional memories, adventure, to laugh with you, and to do everything in their power to make you the happiest couple or family in the world, then jump in, the water's fine.

My Elopement & Unique Wedding Services - Pricing


- I never want a bride to book to book me based on how "in-budget" I am or reversely, how “high-priced” I may seem, obviously differing per your budget range. I also don't want to block out anyone who NEEDS to work with me but can't pay "x" price.

I never want: "Oh my gosh, this photographer was only ____. That's way lower than other places."


“Oh my gosh, she’s high-priced. I need her cuz her price says she’s the best.”

What I do want: "Holy moly, she has amazing passion that I haven't seen before. Her work is amazinggggg. I need her."

I want couples to book me based solely on my unique work. Please inquire below if my work speaks to you because YOU are a rad couple that I WANT to work with.

We specialize in adventure elopements, with 10 people or less, for those who are ready to get dirty, exchange vows in private, hike some mountains, or go para-sailing. We take limited adventure weddings in areas on our bucket list + areas outside of the US.

Adventure elopements starting at $2500 with Justin + Nicole (all fees included)


Having a non-adventure, 75+ person wedding, or located in TN? Check out our Associates!

Just think.

If we’re unavailable, we have kick-butt associates. That means we have other talented as crap photographers on our team that can shoot your wedding for you…

We’ve trained these lovely talented associates to shoot similar to our style (but honestly they did that before we hired them on). We still edit the images. And we give you a hell of a deal.


It’s a win-win.

Starting at $2500 for all-day coverage

Pricing FAQ

What if we're a match made in heaven but you give me pricing and I just can't do it?

This is SO important. If your wedding is going to be unique + gorgeous, or in a beautiful state, I NEVER want to turn you down. If you NEED me, tell me. Tell me, "Oh man, I'm super sad because I just can't do it. " Talk to me. I never want someone to Not be able to work with me because of price. So if you feel in your soul I'm the only one for you, let's keep talking. Be honest. If you're doing it just for a deal, I'm not the one for you.

I can't afford travel, help!

It's included in packages!! I pretty much only travel for photography, as I don't take many locally in Nashville. So if you like my work, let's talk! I go somewhere out of state EVERY month, so seriously, I can be there.

Timeline Management

You've never done this before. i get it. You're looking around on all of these websites and you see "8 hours, 8 hours, 8 hours". For some dumb reason this is a "norm" for the wedding industry. I'm here to tell you that you do NOT need 8 hours! That is a crazy long time. Save yourself some money and let's figure out your timeline.

Below is the timeline I recommend with expected time ranges, depending on how many photographers you have and how large your wedding is.

Getting Ready: 30 mins-1 hour
First Look: 15 mins

Ceremony: 30 mins-1 hour
Portraits (before or after ceremony): 30 mins-1 hour
Family: 15 mins
Reception: 1-3 hours

Total: 3-6 hours
(this is what 100% of my clients have ever booked & fits every wedding {except cultural weddings})

Don't pay for extra time you don't need! We have packages from 2 hours-6 hours to give you the flexibility to choose your package that fits you.

Complimentary Engagement Session Entry

Enter to win an exclusive complimentary engagement session!

When you look at photographers I know that this is probably your first time ever, right? All of the portfolios probably honestly look either dark, light, or more natural, and that may be all you see, which is 100% fine. You've never done this before!

You're probably also looking at packages going, "Uhhh...do I need 4 hours...or 8 hours...8 right? Everyone does 8 so that must be right."

This is why I give away complimentary engagement sessions. These are 100% complimentary, no catch, and you don't even have to book a wedding with me first. To note, this is not for couples who are just looking for cheap/free items. Please explore my site thoroughly so you can meet me and my passions!



To qualify, you must: (Please read)

-Not have a wedding photographer + totally in love with my work (please be honest)

-Meet with me in-person, or for my out of state couples - via Skype, prior to the engagement session

-Pay travel + lodging, only if out of the area

-Be okay with your engagement + wedding being published (inter)nationally in blogs + magazines

-Note that due to the large number of inquiries, not all dates will be available / not all inquiries can be taken


Things to note: (Please read)

-I get a lot of inquiries for these giveaways. Please include on the detail part of the form (use the investment range space for wedding investment) that you'd like a complimentary engagement so I know you read all of this.

-To stick out, please fill out the inquiry form in detail. I love knowing your wedding plans, including location, decor, your dress, and your investment range for your wedding day (again, be honest). You can even link a Pinterest board if you have one.

-If you have an engagement idea, include this! Most of my work gets published, so I'm always looking for an adventure or unique session!

-Include if you're having an intimate wedding (50 or less), elopement (less than 10), or a wedding (100+). If you are having a wedding, please describe what makes your wedding unique + why portraits are important to you. I don't take many large weddings, so this is important!

-Think of this as a meet/greet! This will give us the chance to work together so we can decide if we're a good fit for the wedding! Again, this is not for clients who are looking for cheap/free items. Please explore my site thoroughly so you can meet me and my passions!



With that being said, I have a wedding magazine that will answer all of your questions ever! You can hit the button below to contact me + request the magazine!


1. I am here to make sure you have an unforgettable and flawless experience! You may start as clients, but we'll end up as friends. With my awkwardness, I strive to capture the laughter, tears, and many smiles throughout your day. Besides, what are pictures if they don't capture the fun?

2. I'm here because there is NOWHERE I'd rather be. I want nothing more to make your wedding unforgettable. If you're eloping, we will be sure to help you from A-Z, including timeline help and cheering you on through the hike!

3. Moreover we understand that no wedding is the same. We create custom packages for our couples to suit exactly what you need.