Do you travel anywhere?

Yupppp! Planes and new adventures are my jam.


Do you do regular sessions?

I most certainly can! If you see a travel date that works for you and you want a session while I'm there, contact me!


Do you edit all of the pictures yourself?

Yes! I hand edit each and every one of the pictures that I show you, so that every single one is fine art quality.


What makes you different than other photographers?

Photography is magical to me. It speaks in ways that words can never accomplish. I am truly and totally passionate about it, which is why I offer my services to the world (literally). From the moment you contact me, you will be treated like a friend I've known all my life. I care about my clients, as my job is to make them happy and give them pictures of memories they can love forever. I will ensure you are taken care of every step of the way, just as old friends would. This isn't a job to me, it's a lifestyle.


I've never been in front of the camera before. Will you help guide posing?

Absolutely. Most of my pictures, as seen in my portfolio, are not perfectly posed pictures. I believe that since life isn't perfectly posed, neither should your pictures. I capture the realness of life. The smiles, the laughter, the intimate moments you share with each other. In that, you just have to act natural with each other. There is no posing pressure. If you get stuck, I'll give you a silly prompt to help lighten the mood! Plus, awkwardness always works well in posing!


How do deposits work?

Deposits hold your place in my calendar. They ensure that I won't receive any no-shows or cancellations. Deposits are non-refundable and go towards your total session/wedding fee.


Why do we need to sign a contract?

Many people that contracts are just to protect the photographer. However, they should be written in a way that they protect clients too. In this manner, my contract always states the number of digitals you will receive, your fee, etc. so that you are guaranteed that amount after your session takes place.


What equipment do you use?

My main body is a Canon 5d ii. My absolute favorite lens is my 24-70 mm. I also own the 50 mm and 85 mm. For receptions and night events, I also carry a flash with me. If you told me I'd be using over $5000 of professional equipment today, I would've never believed you!


What determines your pricing?

Many things go into my pricing, including equipment costs, taxes, licensing, and editing time! To see more about why I'm priced the way I am, click here!