Family is fun. It’s crazy. It’s a blessing and sometimes an overwhelming part of life, too. Capturing the essence of family shouldn’t mean beautifully posed pictures - it should show who YOU are together.

Wanderlust’s Adventure Families captures the essence of you as a family. I capture the kids sticking out their tongues, twirling with mom and dad, and walking through the woods pointing out new things they haven’t seen before.

Bloopers, hugs, kisses, and dancing - I’m here to capture every moment as a little, or big, family.

Start by booking your session below after exploring some of my favorite captured moments.


Family Adventure Sessions

Start off by booking your appointment above on any day open. Sessions start at $150, but most clients spend $400-650. My sessions are designed so you spend what you want to spend, no minimum required.

-Start by booking your apointment with a $150 deposit. This will turn into credit to buy digital packages!

-After the session, choose your favorites from a proofing gallery, and buy the ones you love. If you don’t love any, you’ll get your retainer back.

Entire Gallery (usually 70-80 images)

Half Gallery (usually 30-40 images)

10 images