Hi all!

First of all I seriously can’t thank you enough for taking this test run for me. Here is some background information for you before you start.

The Mentor Project is a project that I have started to give everyone the chance at affordable business education. Every week, we have live classes that I host with a topic. You can see our past classes, as well as our LIVE Jan/Feb schedule here. What you are seeing is part of my membership site, on its way to releasing at the end of the week. The membership course consists of a video library (with added resources that live members don’t receive during live classes) of all of our past classes. This aids anyone who wants to re-watch, learn more, works a busy schedule, or is overseas. Seven (7), one-hour intensive, classes are currently included plus a student forum. More are added monthly, and students are locked in at the price given. Many of these courses, like marketing, are overviews and will have specific courses for each section coming out. Websites - a LIVE build is added as well, but not previewable.

As part of this program, the membership site will be available for $23/mo. We do have other resources you can check out here, to get a feel for the way I have structured this program. This is NOT an obligatory program for students that are part of the project, but an add-on if they so wish to add something like this on and support the project. Free courses will still be going every week, on different topics, and even with guest speakers.

After you watch your course, please fill out the form below. Please leave your honest answers, as this will help me form this course to help my students best. When you are done with the course, please PM me on Facebook. Testing ends Thursday at 12 pm (noon) CST. All courses will be closed after this point, unless purchased.

Please read all the above information before you take the course + before you review.

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