Definiton: A photographic session that makes one feel elegant and beautiful.



Definiton: A photographic session that makes one feel elegant and beautiful.

You are beautiful. You are loved.

The Wanderlust Boudoir Project

It doesn't matter if you're a size 0, if you've had five kids, or if people tell you to go eat a hamburger. You ARE beautiful the way you are. Let me show you.

Many women love the idea of boudoir until they look in the mirror. Contrary to what you think, boudoir sessions are FUN! They're laid back and don't entitle you to wear anything specific.

You can do boudoir fully clothed. You can do it without clothing. You can do it in some clothing. You can do it in lingerie. It's all up to you and what look you are going for in your session.

So let's show you your beauty and raise your self-confidence. I guarantee there will be snacks involved, and you're more than welcome to bring alcohol as well.

Join me on my Boudoir Project to show women they are beautiful. For travel dates, please visit my travel page here to see when I will be in your area.

Feel free to keep scrolling for FAQs as well as different pricing options. There's something for everyone to show you your beauty.

Please contact us for our portfolio or join our Facebook group here.

For local TN clients, please book your appointment below. For out of state / travel clients, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Why are you so much more affordable than everyone else?
Now you're probably like, what the heck, it's so cheap - why?!
This is a social project for me. I want to help you show you you’re beautiful.
I have been a published photographer for two years and currently do destination weddings and boudoir.

I've never done this before. I'm not going to know how to pose and I'm really nervous. What advice do you have for me?
Everyone is nervous and nobody knows how to pose. It's super normal. I'll help you pose to compliment your body. I'll probably end up looking silly at some point as I tell you to move your right arm instead of your left, so I can guarantee comic relief.

I feel like I need to lose weight first. Can I wait?
Absolutely, you can do a session whenever you want! But I guarantee you're beautiful now. There is posing to make everyone look fantastic and show you you look amazing.

Is there a certain look or outfits we have to bring?
Your session is just that. YOURS. If you want to use clothing, you're more than welcome to. If you are wanting to use lingerie, go ahead! If you want to not utilize clothing, that is welcome as well. However, Wanderlust does not shoot pornographic images.

Can we bring friends?
Of course! Moral support is awesome. We just ask that the person you bring is 100% on board and supportive of you.

Do you provide outfits?
I do not, for sanitary reasons. If you need assistance picking out outfits, I'd be more than glad to help!

How many days until we get our images back?
7 max! I want you to get them back ASAP.

Do we get to choose our images?
Abssssssatootly! Yes. What I may LOVE, you may not. I want you to LOVE every single image you get back.

Do you have prints and albums?
Yes! Digitals are given but you may buy prints and albums additionally.

What is required to book?
I just require a 25% deposit to book, which can be done online, as well as a contract.

Where is the studio?
We are located in Cookeville in a cozy in-home studio. Your makeup artist and a friend is welcome to come as well.

Is there an age limit?
Yes, we only service women 18 years or older.

Will our pictures be put online after?
You can opt out of this if you'd like! We love showing our current portfolio to our clients, however it is not required to allow us to use your images for our portfolio.

When do you do sessions?
We do sessions Monday-Saturday from 9:00-11:30 am in our studio. If you are doing an in-home session, we can do this any time, however mornings are usually the best for lighting.

Let's do this! What packages do you offer???

Fall Special!

We offer packages to fit everyone because we want you to see your beauty! Check out our offerings below.

Deluxe Boudoir Session

Up to 1 hour (can go up to 1.5 hours if needed)
5 outfit changes
15 digital images of your choice
Online gallery

Mini Boudoir Session

Up to 3o minutes
2 outfit changes
7 digital images of your choice
Online gallery

Additional images are available at $15/each or 5/$60.

What to Know:

-I get you’re nervous. It’s super normal, and honestly I’m going to be posing with you like a potato because my camera is too big to pose with.

-My boudoir clients are those who appreciate the great deals I give to give back to the awesome women in the community.

-If you need help, I’m there 100%. From outfits, to poses, I gotchu.

For local TN clients, please book your appointment below. For out of state / travel clients, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Please note: Wanderlust Photography creates your boudoir art pieces with the aim of making you feel beautiful in your body. That being said, we do NOT Photoshop your body/face at any point in time, so if you are looking for extremely retouched bodies, we will not be a good fit.

Home Studio in Cookeville, TN.