Last November, I had just gotten home from South Dakota after going out of state for quite a few weddings in a row. I came home and said to myself, “Phew, time for a break.”

The next day, I get a call from this glorious couple - “Can you be in California in 10 days?”

“Yup, sure can!”

You. Guys.

Sami + Mike are the sweetest blessing of late last Fall. With little notice, they set up their elopement, got everything planned out, flew in everyone from out of state, and we were all there to celebrate them.

I think one thing that a lot of couples mistaken is that when you elope, you don’t have to leave family and friends behind.

You’re supposed to celebrate with the ones closest to you, and that’s exactly what this couple did.

The day was very relaxed, and we spent a lot at the beach taking epic portraits.

During our portrait session a diver came from the ocean, like literally FROM the bottom of the ocean.

He swam up, beached, and gave the couple a seashell from the bottom of the ocean.


If you’d like to see their full wedding, click here. Below are some of my favorite highlights.

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