A Unique Ceremony

Coming into this elopement, all of us were freezing our butts off.

Elle + Chad came up from Kentucky for their Minnesota elopement with close friends and family, and it was COLD. Like 30 degrees, and she was in a sleeveless dress (I still have no idea how she did it)!

Right before the ceremony was going to start, they told me they had a surprise to everyone (and their officiant too). SHOTS!!!

I said, “WHAT OMG YES.”

Sure enough, as vows were said, they pulled out shot glasses, and this Minnesota elopement, was done.

I know a lot of couples in regular weddings use sand to mix together, or maybe even tying a cross, or eating bread and wine.



Needless to say, I was pretty dang supportive about their decision.

Below are just a few of my favorite shots (haha, get it?!) of them from their elopement.

PS - Yes, you can have a bridal party and elope. I’m just sayin’