Their Christmas Engagement

I knew Breah & Alex were going to have a fantastic wedding from the start of this engagement session. 

They chose to do their engagement session in one of the most popular areas for downtown Nashville - the Gulch!

The date they chose was early in December, so the Christmas decorations were up already, creating a gorgeous greenery for our engagement session.

During the session we were freezing our butts off, but these two stuck it out and did great! I love how they rocked a completely casual look and made it totally stylish.

After walking around downtown for a while, we got really really cold and decided to stop in for some coffee! 

How They Met

Alex is an absolute coffee-lover (which I was so grateful for) so we just had to stop in a local shop. 

There, the engagement session continued with the kindness of the shop, and we got some awesome ring shots and warm, coffee snuggle shots as well.

Breah and Alex met in the church and fell in love there. Breah is in school to become a teacher (fun fact: 90% of my brides are teachers!) and Alex is in school to be a pastor.

During the engagement session they told me that they were waiting for their first kiss to be during the wedding ceremony. I thought this was so special and so awesome!

Through the session below, you really could tell that these two are amazing for each other. I had such a blast wandering around the Gulch and really getting to know them before their wedding in March!

Thank you both for being so awesome!