Usually when a surprise proposal is done the fiance will plan it with me ahead of time. But this time, I had no idea it was coming! It was a surprise to me too!

A Love Story in the Making

Paige & Dakota have known each other for 10 years. They actually met in Pensacola Florida where they were both vacationing in their early teens. Paige was from Tennessee and Dakota from Florida.

They kept in touch all of that time and ended up dating a few years ago. Dakota moved up to Chattanooga from Florida. 

Just knowing that their love story has been in progress for 10 years makes me so warm and happy inside! Their love story is so wonderful, and I am so happy for them to finally tie the knot this Fall.

Their Candidly Beautiful Session

During the session, we hiked up to an outlook in the Smokey Mountains. This rad couple had no issues hiking up in their dress attire and standing at the edge of this gorgeous outlook. 

Though I usually do candid work anyways, this couple took that to the next level. Their chemistry was so real that the way they interacted with each other was what you see below - no acting!

While up on the outlook, Dakota came up with an idea. The first time he proposed in the Smokies it was foggy and there was no photographer.

Now that I was there, he wanted to get pictures of the proposal! So he got down on one knee once again, and Paige was just as happy the second time.

I'm so happy for this crazy in love couple and can't wait for them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Thank you, Paige & Dakota, you crazy in love, amazing couple!