Sailing Destiny to a New Beginning

Did someone say yacht?

You yacht to know it! 

(I had to)

I swear, the couples I've worked with are the freaking best.

The ocean + yacht + beautiful couple is just the best combination ever.

Chanel & David decided to do something a little bit different for their wedding. They didn't want a beach wedding, and they didn't want a church wedding, but they wanted something they would truly never forget.

That's where the Destiny Yacht comes in, located in Newport Beach, California. 

I was a little bit in disbelief when I saw this beauty. I mean, hello, gorgeous white tones and windows all the way around!

The lighting in this yacht was just to die for. The couple decorated the ceremony space with gorgeous florals, including white roses for the centerpieces (also happens to be my personal favorite).

After the ceremony was over, we went up to the top deck to take photos in the sunset. I mean, hello gorgeousness!

Overall, this wedding was an absolute dream. Here are some of my absolutely favorite photos below!