A Monstrous Venue

Saying that this wedding was a dream come true is quite the understatement. If you told me I'd be on the Queen of England's cruise ship one day taking pictures of a couple getting married, I would not have believed you.

This gorgeous couple and the other photographer, Natalie, at the wedding were such a joy to work with.

When I first said yes to the job, I was like okay cool, the Queen Mary, a cool hotel or something. I didn't even realize until I drove in that it was THE Queen Mary's cruise ship (woops). As I pulled into the parking lot, my jaw dropped. If you haven't seen her boat in person, it is HUGE. I was nervous I would never find the couple.

The Queen Mary used to host celebrities and royalty from A-Z when it was a functioning cruise ship. It is now in the bay on Long Beach in California. It's old rooms are still used today, as hotel rooms. They keep the boat docked and rent out the rooms nightly. There are hundreds upon hundreds of rooms, on multiple levels of the ship.

They also converted part of the boat into a ceremony location and use the old ballroom as a reception hall.

Walking down the same halls that royalty once walked and several celebrities, was so surreal. They also never allow photos on board unless it is for a wedding, so these photographs are very special to me.

The Couple's Wedding Details

The lovely couple was so much fun to work with. They were so laid back, embracing the fun and awkwardness of their moments throughout the day. You could just tell that they were mean to be, and that nothing else mattered that day except each other, family, and friends.

The bride was a toy maker, so they incorporated that in the decor, featuring small teddy bears for each of the guests.

Though there were many guests there that day, it felt like a small wedding due to the couple's intimacy with each other and their love for all of their guests.

Enjoy this beautiful couple's highlighted wedding images below!