When you meet at a burger place...

Christy & George were a perfect couple from their first email inquiry to me. They asked me if I wanted to meet at a burger place for a consultation, and I knew it was going to be a great wedding.

(If you want to win me over, take me for burgers then ice cream)

Anyways, after eating a delicious burger in downtown Nashville, we began to talk about their wedding, engagement, and what they were planning.

At the time of our meeting, I hadn't yet been to the Smokies, as I had just moved to the Tennessee area.

As we planned, we started with the engagement, which they chose to go hiking for (another win). We decided to go hiking at Cummins in Cookeville, in November, which really wasn't thought through on our part, as it was just a little bit cold. 

Wedding Day

I was absolutely stoked to have a great excuse to spend the weekend in Gatlinburg. I had heard so much about it since I moved here, so I was ready to adventure! The couple booked a HUGE sleeps-45-people cabin up on top of the mountains in Pigeon Forge. 

They decided to keep everything as simple as possible, as they got married in the living room, had all of their family and friends stay with them, and truly just enjoy their time as a couple and with their new family members.

As they said their "I Do" in the living room in front of the stone fireplace, the room was filled with such emotion. 

Sometimes people ask why I prefer small weddings to long, 8 hour days. The reason is simple.

Through the embraced awkward moments, dad jokes, and laughter until we cried, capturing the genuine emotion just can't be beat.

I hope you feel as much as emotion as this beautiful couple did on their wedding day by scrolling through some of their highlights below.