A Rainy Day for Good Luck

Late in March of this year, this gorgeous couple set their wedding date to say "I do". They decided to come all the way up from Florida to celebrate their love in a cute little cabin on top of the mountain in Sevierville, Tennessee. If you haven't been to this area before, this little city is in the Smokey Mountains, making it a dream come true!

Before I got to the wedding, the day was looking very ominous. I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn't rain for their wedding day, as no bride wants that! The weather actually kept up until we left after the wedding, when it started just pouring! (Thank you, Lord, for waiting!)

During the portraits, you'll see that an umbrella was used in a few pictures. We absolutely loved the look of the umbrella, but didn't want to keep it the entire time. So we ditched it after we were done using it, and pretended it wasn't a rainy day!

The Day's Events

Allison & Brad decided to celebrate their wedding with only their closest friends and family. I thought this was absolutely perfect!! The family was so sweet and welcoming, bringing me into their family gathering for the day while they celebrated the uniting of their loved ones.

We started out the day with bridal and groom portraits done separately. The cabin had a HUGE window upstairs that was so perfect for the bridal portraits! Next came the ceremony, were many tears were shed and smiles were given! After, we did portraits and then Brad played Allison a song on the guitar (swoon!).

Thank you both for this unforgettable experience, and may you live a long happy life together!