When I met Katie and Troy, I knew they would be a special couple. You know exactly what i’m talking about- when you meet someone and you have this gut feeling that they are going to be a really cool person. Well, that’s exactly what it was like when I met Katie and Troy.

Boy oh boy was I totally right about these two. Katie and Troy are boulderers- which means they are basically rock climbers that free climb. Yes- they climb with their hands and feet with absolutely no safety gear. Talk about scary, exhilarating and adventurous.

When they told me this, I was in absolute awe and couldn’t believe that I was about to photograph these two incredible humans.

As if this wasn’t enough adventure, our photoshoot was one heck of an adventure. We wandered around in the rain around Chattanooga, pouring down on us to get the most beautiful shots. If you look closely, you may even see a few rain droplets here and there.

As we wondered, Troy showed us a private path, that pretty much only he knew about, and we got some amazing shots under the boulder. It was absolutely breathtaking!

Their wedding is going to be happening right here in Chattanooga in April 2019.

These two are the most adventurous souls I have ever met, and I am truly so thankful that I got to capture them in front of my lens.

Thank you two for taking me along on an adventure, being willing to stand in the rain, and showing me a super secret path for amazing photos.