Being a wedding photographer is a dream come true- but when I get to photograph couples like Brie & Daniel, it is more than I ever dreamed of. They literally had the dreamiest wedding, and we got the most beautiful shots of the two of them together on their unforgettable day.

Brie and Daniel stole my heart when they told me they would house me for an entire weekend, plus. As an adventure photographers that travels all over the country for sessions, housing is always one of the biggest difficulties to find. Not only did they house me, but they also flew me to Arizona to photograph their gorgeous mountain wedding- talk about two sweet people!

This duo is a power couple- starting with Daniel and his super rad motorcycle. When I say he is friggin obsessed with his bike, I mean it!! His license plate of his motorcycle say FLIPN, which is natural for him as he did a backflip right after their first kiss. After his backflip, Brie even did an assisted backflip at their reception.

These two were flippin excited to be together, that’s for sure!

Both of them were gymnasts, as well as Brie’s entire family-so these two were destined to be together.

Their super bubbly personalities overflowed into every single photo they took, making my job more than easy. The photos I captured of these two were absolutely stunning, and captured so much of their personalities.

The three of us wandered all over the mountain top in Brie Greer, Arizona to find the most beautiful views. The mountain surely didn’t disappoint, if I do say so myself.

We did a day after session in one of the mountain canyons, and these were some of my favorite photos I have ever taken. Every single thing about this couple, their wedding, and their photos was absolutely freaking amazing.

There couldn’t have been a more dreamy wedding or couple.

Thank you two for being so phenomenal and accommodating to me as I captured the most special day of your life.