"Oh my gosh, I love watching our military members come home! It's so romantic!"

This is a hugely popular phrase among anyone who has seen homecoming pictures or videos. They're adorable, they're cute, and they're romantic. I can't say I haven't cried while capturing them. They truly are a special day.

But they aren't all glamour.

What people don't realize is the pain and heartache that comes with the military uniform. While homecomings are very happy, most people neglect to realize the heartache that comes before, and even, after the homecoming itself. People forget that military wives spend 6 months, or even 2 years, away from their loved one before they get to be reunited. They forget the true sacrifice that comes with being a service member, or a family member of the service member. Even when they are reunited, some members only stay home for 6 months before they leave for 6 months again. This can continue for their entire contract.

Homecomings are amazing. They're my favorite to capture, but please remember that the military lifestyle is not something you should be craving or jealous of. You shouldn't be wishing that was you in that homecoming video. The wives, the sons, the daughters, the parents, and the grandparents of service members go through hundreds of days without their loved one. Sometimes those who are deployed miss the birth of their child. 

So next time you see a homecoming video, be not only happy of their reuniting, but be thankful that those people in the video are willing to undergo the heartache of deployment for our every day freedom.

To all those who support the military and of course to all of our military members themselves, THANK YOU for your service. God bless.