Getting engaged can be both exciting and stressful. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to
marry the love of their life? (Not to mention, go cake tasting and wedding dress
shopping!) On the other hand, the wedding planning process can be daunting. Some
brides think about their ideal venue and vendors before officially getting engaged,
while other brides have no idea where to begin even after they have an engagement
ring on their finger.

No matter where you fit on the planning spectrum, hiring a wedding planner can be
one of the best investments you make in the New Year for your wedding. Why? There
are several benefits to hiring a wedding planner. Maya Devassy Tarach, wedding
planner and owner of Preoccupied Bride, takes you through her top five reasons.


5. A planner saves you time.

The world is a busy place. Full-time jobs, families and more (sleep is important too!)
take over the 24 hours that are given to each person every day. That leaves little time
for planning and implementing wedding details. A wedding planner’s job is to spend
her time—not yours—planning your special day.

4. A planner is your wedding etiquette expert.

Whether you want to do a traditional wedding or a one-of- a-kind celebration, it’s
common to follow certain customs and procedures while planning a wedding.
However, many couples don’t know what they are or how to implement them. When
should invitations be sent out? How far in advance should a live band be booked?
What if the family dynamics are a bit messy? A wedding planner can help answer
your questions and provide solid advice on your particular situation.

3. A planner respects your budget.

Weddings can get expensive. Most couples wish to stay within a reasonable budget,
even if they don’t have a specific budget in mind. A wedding planner will help you
create a budget (if you don’t already have one) and stay within budget because it’s
her job to research options, network with vendors, and provide the best choices and
alternatives out there based on your specific needs.

2. A planner is your advocate.

A wedding planner is loyal to her couples. A venue coordinator will do what is best for
the venue and vendors will do what is best for their companies, but an independent wedding planner does what is best for you. A planner represents and assists you, so

there is no agenda or motive on her end besides the things that are important to you.

1. A planner takes on your stress.

A wedding planner takes all the stress of planning the details off your shoulders. A
planner can give advice on design ideas, hire vendors, make phone calls, send follow
up emails and so much more. Essentially, a planner is a neutral third party who will
help turn your vision into reality and make sure your wedding runs as smooth as
possible. You don’t have to ask friends or family to deal with wedding stress—they
can truly enjoy being guests at your wedding because a planner will make sure your
wedding elements are implemented from the big picture to the small details.