Nashville, Knoxville, + Chattanooga Birth Photographer

Birth. The miracle of life. The day you get to meet the next love of your life + the day that your every-day if forever changed for the better.

Births are something that nobody can truly understand.

The pain. The passion. The love that bursts from your soul as you meet your new child(ren).

I vow to cry with you, let you squeeze my hand, all while capturing the glorious realms of new life.

Let’s do this, mama.

All packages include:

-One MONTH of on-call time; 24/7 (yes even at 3 am when you call)

-Availability to hop out of bed at 3 am to rush to the hospital and cover your birth

-In-person consultation

-Birth story via beautifully hand-edited digital images (no number limit)

-Full print release

Starting at $750 for full collections / all birth coverage

Albums, backed prints, metals, + canvas available

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Why are your services lower than others?
It comes down to one fact for me. Blessing others with amazing images and a story they’ll never forget. For me, births are a chance to be a part of your life, to tell your story. I don’t want to miss that because you can’t spend $1500 on birth images. Does the less expensive price mean I’m less experienced? Nope. Does it mean you’ll get lesser quality images? Nope!
As a nationally recognized photographer, I do limit my birth session intakes, but would love to hear your story below so we can connect.

You limit sessions - does that mean I can’t book you?
I limit my sessions to 2 a month at the very most. That’s not many, but I want to make sure that I will be there and that we aren’t having clashing dates.

How many images will we get? Do we get a print release?
You will receive a story of images - no limit is put on the number. You absolutely will get a print release!

What does on-call time mean?
It means I’ll be ready to hop out of bed and throw clothes on whenever you call! This is 2 weeks before AND after your due date - a total of a month.

Do you have a backup?
Absolutely. If for some God-forbidden reason I can’t be there, you’ll be covered.

When do you head to the hospital?
Whenever you ask - generally this is around 4 cm dilation.

How long will you stay?
As long as I need! I will stay until they measure the baby and get him/her/them wrapped up and we get some family photos, if desired.

I’m not sure about birth photography. Some photos I’ve seen are pretty graphic. How do you shoot?
I take photos of what you want. If you don’t want the nitty gritty, then I can focus on your / your partner’s emotions, and the doctor’s lifting the baby out, from a head-ward angle.

Do you do home sessions?
YES. These are my favorite.

Do you do C-sections?
This depends on your Dr, but YES I will do C-section coverage!

Birth Bucket List


Twins // triplets

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