This is Cat, also known as our right hand woman. From the beginning, she was trained with us and has shot weddings with us, thus giving her the exact same shooting style as we have (pretty cool, right)?

Cat is a fun-loving girl with an eclectic personality. She loves to make people laugh and also pet lots of puppies. She has a baby calf named Darla, and a cat named Boone, after Daniel Boone. (He likes adventure just as well as she does. He also likes to chase his tail, which is what Cat prefers for in-home entertainment.) Undeniably awkward, she uses it to her advantage (see: making people laugh). She drinks more coffee than should be allowed for human consumption, and loves pizza (without pineapples, to settle that debate). You’ll probably catch her humming her favorite tunes because there’s always a song stuck in her head, but feel free to sing along! She’s always down for a jam session!

Some fun facts about her:

-Mac & Cheese lover

-Has an IG account for her baby cow

-Wish she would've been a teen in the 90s

-Enjoys playing piano, guitar, and writing songs in her free time!

Investment - Weddings with Cat

8 hours
2 photographers
Free engagement session (not in exchange for discount)
Images returned in 30 days

6 hours  *MOST BOOKED*
2 photographers
Images returned in 30 days

4 hours
2 photographers
Images returned in 30 days



Engagement Special (if booked with a wedding) - $250

Albums & Prints available

Destination Weddings

Travel will apply for out of state weddings. We only charge for travel we need!


-Uber, rental car, or your transportation


-Flight/gas if within driving distance

-Car wear/tear if driving

*If you provide any of the above, then charges are waived i.e. transportation, food, or lodging.

Associate FAQs

What is an associate exactly?

My associates are trained by me, from the beginning. They shoot the same style as me, the same moments I would capture. It's like having me there without having me there!


Why is an associate so much less?

I don't have to travel anywhere! This makes it easy for prices to be lower.


Do you still edit the pictures or do they?

They are on the Wanderlust team, so I still edit the pictures! We do everything we can to exactly mimic our style you see.


Can we meet Cat in a consult?

Yup! Just shoot me a message and let's set an ice cream / coffee date.